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- Acetic Acid Glacial
- Acetone
- BGE, Reactive Diluent for epoxy
- Butyl Acetate
- Butyl DiGlycol
- Butyl Glycol (BG)
- Cyclohexane
- Cyclohexanone
- Di Basic Ester (DBE)
- Di Ethylene Glycol (DEG)
- Ethyl Acetate
- Glycol Ether
- Hydrogen peroxide 50%
- Iso Propyl Alcohol (IPA)
- Methoxy Propanol
- Methyl Iso Butyl Ketone(MIBK)
- n-Hexane
- N-Methylpyrrolidone (NMP)
- PCE (Perchloro Ethylene)
- Solvent Naphtha 100
- Solvent Naphtha 150
- THF (Tetra Hydro Furan)
- Toluene
- White spirit (White spirit)
- Xylene
 Product Name
Di Basic Ester (DBE)
 Chemical Name
Dimethyl Succinate, Dimethyl Adipate, Dimethyl Glutarate
As a solvent for coatings
Paints and coatings; Plasticizers; Cleaning; Polyols; Pigments; Paint stripping; Wet strength paper resins; Foundry Core binder; Soil stabilisation or chemical grouting; Recycling solvent; Oilfield chemicals; Crop protection; Adhesives.
Purity : Min. 99% by wt by G.C
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